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Combining fitness with a healthy lifestyle and optimal nutrition is key to feeling your best every day. To help you succeed, SWEAT Individualized Fitness has partnered with these trusted and reliable companies.

DotFIT supplements are third party tested in human clinical trials with truth in labeling, efficacy, which synergistically work together. All products are NSF certified. SWEAT Individualized Fitness is confident in Dotfit products and know they work!

DotFIT provides free fitness and nutrition advice online. Their experts have compiled articles, videos, and FAQs to help you learn about fitness and nutrition.

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Meal planning made easy! Healthy meals prepared fresh, which include calorie and macronutrient totals for easy tracking and delivered to SWEAT Individualized Fitness every Sunday.

Next Step menu changes weekly to give you variety. Place your order by Friday at 10:00 a.m., and pick up the following Monday. No prepping, no cooking, no cleaning.  

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Your Success is Our Success.

Polar offers fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, and sport watches to help you optimize your workouts.

Getting the most out of your training doesn’t always require working faster or harder; it requires working smarter. Achieve your goals.

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