SWEAT Individualized Fitness encourages everyone to be active at least one hour a day; what you do with the other 23 hours is up to you and this is where we can help! Our accountability coaches will help to motivate, guide and assist you as you reach for your weight loss and toning goals. Our 23 Club coaching staff is here to help encourage you down the path of being the best version of you! Our coaches are not licensed instructors or nutritionists, rather real people who have overcome some of the same challenges. Who better to relate to than those who have shared some of the same struggles! 

Keep Track of What You Eat

Studies have shown that those who log their food have the most success in reaching their weight goal than those who do not. As you develop a pattern of recording your intake, your coach will be able to view your recordings and make suggestions accordingly. Consistently logging will help you to recognize and understand what a balanced diet looks like. 

If you would like to build confidence, stay motivated, become consistent with a routine and have guidance in making better food choices, the 23 Club was designed with you in mind!

You can add the 23 Club to any existing package for $99/month (which includes 3 Inbody measurements) at any time or join one of our quarterly challenges. 

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