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Our mission is to bring a unique approach in athletic training. SWEAT Individualized Fitness focuses on relationships with our members, bringing a positive experience to one’s fitness pathway, inspiring our members and friends with unrivaled energy and providing the finest customer service and fitness knowledge by staying up-to-date on health trends and breakthroughs. At SWEAT, we value accountability, acceptance and a member experience second to none. We welcome anyone to share in our passion for health and fitness and our team aims to keep you there. Just like members set goals, we don’t stop until ours are achieved. Your success is our success. SWEAT brings passion to life through fitness. We focus on constantly evolving as a company and providing our members with the latest technology and exciting effective workouts. Challenge brings change. We live by and teach that.


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“SWEAT Individualized Fitness is more than a gym, it has become our community! SWEAT offers a positive atmosphere, supportive staff, strong accountability . . . all in a clean environment. We actually love working out now because of the results & camaraderie!”


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Your Success is Our Success.

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